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What concerns did you have when your son told you he was thinking of joining a fraternity?

Initially, our concern was that it would be a distraction from our son’s classes and studies. Our other concerns were based on the stereotype of what a fraternity actually does. As his parents, neither of us experience Greek life firsthand so we imagined his weekends being filled with out of control parties and hazing incidents.

How have those concerns changed since that time?

Now we have seen that Braden’s time in his fraternity has given him numerous opportunities, skills, social experiences, and friendships that he may not have gained otherwise. For example, as treasurer, Braden had fiscal responsibilities and accountabilities that stretched far beyond just managing his personal finances. As president, he was required to be a leader of his peers in good times and other times when it may not have been comfortable.

In your opinion, what is the most impressive aspect of fraternities here at Truman? 

The “giving back” aspect is my personal favorite. For example, when Braden, along with many, many other Greek life students raised money and food donations for the Adair County food bank that resulted in the purchase of much-needed equipment, we were very proud of the impact that all of these young adults could make when they worked together.

How has joining a fraternity added to your son’s college experience?

As far as social opportunities are concerned, I feel like that this has given him firsthand experience on responsible social gatherings. Knowing that he has his “brothers” to rely on have given us peace of mind while he is so far away.

What are some ways fraternities have allowed you to connect with your son?

Unfortunately with the Covid pandemic, we were not afforded the opportunity to participate in too many parent involved events. However, Braden has always been very excited to share with us the latest projects that he was participating in and we’ve seen so much growth in his personal responsibility and accountability.

What would you say to other parents who were in your shoes?

Because of our “fear of the unknown” we were very skeptical to “let” Braden participate in Greek life. He was determined to make this a part of his college experience. This is definitely an example of how his stubborn streak has paid off. He has been given more opportunities and life lessons with his time in his fraternity that he otherwise would have missed out on, some of which could never have been learned in a classroom.
Mr. and Mrs. Leuthauser,
Braden Leuthauser, Former IFC President’s parents