Phi Kappa Tau


Chapter: Delta Omega

Nickname: Phi Tau

Nationally Founded: March 17, 1906

Locally Founded: May 2, 1987

Major Philanthropy: Serious Fun Children’s Network

President: Seth Overall

Rush Chairs: Santino Bono – 

Members: 9


Address: 515 E. Jefferson

Phone: 816-786-7677

The mission statement of Phi Kappa Tau is “To champion a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership and exemplary character.” Our chapter not excels in all these facets, but we pride ourselves in our brotherhood. There is nothing any of us wouldn’t do for a brother and we know that in times of need our brothers are there for us. In our opinion, when looking for a fraternity there is only thing that matters: The men in the fraternity and their relationship with each other. Things like the size of the house, number of trophies or how many consecutive intramural championships doesn’t matter unless the brotherhood is strong. We have a bond that others envy, and it only gets better daily.

Our chapter takes great pride in our philanthropic events. Each spring we organize one of the largest philanthropy projects of all Phi Kappa Tau chapters nationally. This event is called Cookout for Kids. It is a massive BBQ where we deliver meals that have been sold to businesses and individuals in the community. The profits we make all go to our national philanthropy project, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camps. These are one-week summer camps for children with chronic or terminal illnesses. These camps were founded by Paul Newman, a Phi Tau alum. We are the largest monetary contributors to these camps in the nation.